The following is Aléc's original character gallery, containing both the caricature drawings he made that faithful night early in 1878, as well as short texts about each character, giving descriptions that Aléc wrote for the sake of his own memory as he began constructing the omnibus of poetry we now know as "Une âme ordinaire".
Fourrure Alighieri
This character is very angry, and the joke's always on him, because he thinks he is right, but the truth is that he is usually wrong. Everyone just laughs at him and doesn't take him seriously, and then he gets even more mad. He symbolizes how frustrating life is, and also, he symbolizes the pain caused by this frustration. He symbolizes both of these things. Sometimes, Fourrure will get so angry that he suddenly flips upside-down, and then his great slimy tongue will hang down and cover his eyes. This is lucky for Fourrure, because for a few moments he no longer has to see the greedy, hollow reality of the world, nor the pain caused by this. He doesn't have to see either of these. For a few moments.
El El
This is my stupid character. He is really stupid and doesn't understand anything. He is completely ignorant of all the destructive mechanisms that reign in nature. Everyone is very annoyed at him because he is so extremely stupid! He symbolizes the fact that everyone is ridiculous and stupid, and that I hope they all choke on their own severed penises.
Prince Succubus
This wandering nose is an artist, and I feel a little sorry for him, because all his ambitions are admirable. He wants to create something wonderful, but to his surprise, he only manages to create chaos. Prince Succubus is doomed to try and try and try, and to fail in a long range of horrible and intensely homosexual ways, and then people just laugh at him, because they don't understand. He is a symbol of all men who drink so much alchohol that they get the desire to meet with other men in a TRIVIAL way and when they are done they make their useless, stupid little rhymes or drawings and paintings that remind me more of large, impenetrable masses of vomit. I hate them all so intensely that I have given them their own homosexual prince here in my picture poems, so now they can just sit there in their roman steam baths and sweat and laugh at me, we all known who would win in a fist fight, don't we? I challenge you, homosexuals! Come and meet the fury of my clenched hands! I shall beat you all until you wail like baby seals.
This dreaded bottle of fear and loathing is the muse. Like muses do, she promises you a lot of love and endless inspiration, and then she kills your soul in the aftermath. Once your soul is dead, you are doomed to always drag your limp body through the deep, winding corridors of Hell, you know, while your quill teases you and laughs at you and digs itself into the palm of your hand. The green fairy symbolizes the infinite pain of never achieving anything truthful and always remaining the same, no matter how much skin you scrape off from your arm with a rusted fork.
This is the aforementioned QUILL that looks at you with feigned hope and whispers in your ear that you are a master who will conquer death and history, and then he JUMPS AT YOU WITH A SCALPEL AND CARVES FLESH FROM YOUR ARM UNTIL YOU PROMISE YOU WILL NEVER WRITE ANOTHER WORD AGAIN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. He is a symbol of my quill, which has to be the cruellest quill in the entire world.
All these swine, who look like big lumps of coagulated vomit disguised in ties, and who I now see also somewhat resemble that crazy psychopath Daniel Henry Chamberlain, they are the aristocracy. They are many, and they fear nothing, because they believe it is possible to purchase revenge, but I will surely get them one day, and they won't know what struck them, no. I will be the one who laughs as they lay scattered across their tennis courts. Tennis courts of LIES! They symbolize l'âme ordinaire, the ordinary soul (of lies.)