demon man

"ey em the one who created all women"

"je sais que la douleur est la noblesse unique" he once
said, the great poet, and then the floor neath my feet began
living. is this the birth of someone genius or someone
mad, i asked, resting my chin in my palm. he didn't answer,
naturally, since i was trying to communicate with a book (duh.)
i figured i should find the answer myself then, and thought
about life, or more specifically: its opposite, but i haven't
a name for it yet (just wait, though.) is there such a thing
as happy on an infinite timeline, i asked myself. does sad
exist when everything at some point will occur? it's a feeling,
but i'm not sure what it means now, down here. there's a
horrible indifference, i think, in living forever. the worst
part of eternal life is the pointlessness of rebellion.

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